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Version: v10.x - Umbraco 10

Using Guid File Names

When uSync saves an exported item to disk, it will use the name or alias of the item as the file name by default.

Sample uSync file structure
- uSync
|- v9
|- DataTypes
|- ApprovedColour.config
|- CheckboxList.config
|- ContentPicker.config

This file structure makes it easy for you to identify and navigate changes to the uSync files, as their names match the items within Umbraco.

However, there are times when using the file names can cause issues. When you have content items with very long names or you rename a lot of items you can end up with quite a few 'marker' files on disk from when the name was changed.

Guid File Names Setting

To simplify this and circumvent path length issues, you can instruct uSync to use the GUID ID of an item as the filename, this is done by setting the GuidNames value on the handler set.

The default value for this setting is false.

"uSync": {
"Sets" : {
"Default" : {
"GuidNames": true