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Version: v10.x - Umbraco 10

Value Mappers

Value Mappers control the mapping of content property values in and out of Umbraco.


For most properties we don't need to map values but occasionally a value might contain an internal ID or something else that needs to be turned into something more generic.


A far more common requirement is to get a list of dependencies for a property. Dependencies are used by uSync.Exporter and uSync.Publisher when calculating what additional items to include for syncing content.


All value mappers need to implement the ISyncMapper interface.

    public interface ISyncMapper
string Name { get; }
string[] Editors { get; }

bool IsMapper(PropertyType propertyType);

string GetExportValue(object value, string editorAlias);
string GetImportValue(string value, string editorAlias);

IEnumerable<uSyncDependency> GetDependencies(
object value, string editorAlias, DependencyFlags flags);
NameName for the Mapper, will appear in logs to aid debugging.
EditorsCollection of EditorAliases for the DataTypes that the mapper handles.
IsMapperConfirms that this mapper will map the propertyType supplied.


To aid with ValueMapper implementation, you should use the SyncValueMapperBase class from the uSync.ContentMapper assembly. This base class handles some of the repetitive elements and has helpers for dependency checks.


See the uSync Mappers Source for examples of how mappers can be implemented.