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Release candidate Documentation

Documentation currently refers to the uSync 9 beta releases, and may be subject to changes

withing the applicationsettings.json file the uSync:Settings section governs how uSync functions.

    "uSync":  {
        "Settings" :{
            "RootFolder" : "/uSync/v9/",
            "DefaultSet" : "default", 
            "ImportAtStartup" : "",
            "ExportAtStartup" : false,
            "ExportOnSave" : true,
            "ReportDebug" : false,
            "AddOnPing" : true,
            "CacheFolderKeys" : true,
            "ShowVersionCheckWarning": false,
            "EnableHistory" : true,


Setting Default Values Notes
RootFolder /usync/v9 Location within the web project that the uSync files are stored
DefaultSet default The name of the Handler 'Set' used for all default actions and events
ImportAtStartup (Blank) 'settings', 'content', 'all' Group of items to import during the sites startup phase
ExportAtStatuup false true/false Run an export as Umbraco starts up
ExportOnSave true true/false Export an item when it is saved from within umbraco
ReportDebug false true/false Generate a report file after an import (used for debugging only is v-slow)
AddOnPing true true/false Ping the jumoo site to check for updates and addon extra info
CacheFolderKeys true true/false use a lookup cache for content/media folders during import (performance)
ShowVersionCheckWarning false true/false display a warning if the contents of the uSyncf older is from an older version of uSync
EnableHistory true true/false capture a list of changes after each import and display them in the histroy tab.