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Release candidate Documentation

Documentation currently refers to the uSync 9 beta releases, and may be subject to changes

Settings are now stored in the applicationsettings.json file.

based on setup this file can actually be made up of several files that are merged during build or run time.

we also have a appsettings schema file but we haven't yet worked out how to add this to umbraco without breaking other schema stuff.

uSyncs settings are not required in this file for it to run, but you can override defaults by adding settings to the file.

possible uSync settings (and defaults)

    "uSync" : {
        "Settings" :{
            "RootFolder" : "/uSync/v9/",
            "DefaultSet" : "default", 
            "ImportAtStartup" : "",
            "ExportAtStartup" : false,
            "ExportOnSave" : true,
            "ReportDebug" : false,
            "AddOnPing" : true,
            "CacheFolderKeys" : true,
            "ShowVersionCheckWarning": false,
            "SignalRoot" : "",
            "EnableHistory" : true,
        "Sets" : { 
            "default" : {
                "Enabled" : true,
                "DisabledHandlers" : [],
                "HandlerDefaults" : {
                    "Enabled": true,
                    "Actions": [],
                    "UseFlatStructure": true,
                    "GuidNames": true,
                    "FailOnMissingParent": false,
                    "Group": "",
                    "Settings": {}
                "Handlers":  { }



The main settings for uSync govern the general behavior and how uSync will normally run.


The set settings allow you to setup specific settings for each set of handlers - by default there is only one 'default' set for the handlers. in this section you can determine how all the handlers behave or specific specific settings fore each handler.