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uSync on NetCore

Release candidate Documentation

Documentation currently refers to the uSync 9 beta releases, and may be subject to changes

uSync on .NetCore works in a very similar way to how uSync has always worked (you can even use the same files!). There are some subtle differences that are the result of running inside a .netCore project.

Folder locations

For uSync net core. the uSync files are written to the project root (not the website root). So once you install uSync and startup your site /uSync/v9 folder created there.


Settings are now in the applicationSettings.json file. However settings are managed "convention over configuration" so on a default installation there are no settings required in the file - uSync will just worktm.

You can read more about uSync settings in the settings section of this documentation.


With .netCore Umbraco has moved away from static events firing when things happen in the code, and instead uses a Notification Handler model. uSync has adopted this model too. So you will now need to subscribe to the uSync Notifications if you want to act on uSync events.