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Umbraco v8 to v9 migration with uSync

Release candidate Documentation

Documentation currently refers to the uSync 9 beta releases, and may be subject to changes

uSync can be used to quickly migrate all your settings, content and media between Umbraco 8 installations and Umbraco 9. We can't rewrite all of your razor and code files (yet) - but this will get you up and running quickly. and ready to test out the waters of .NetCore Umbraco land.

uSync File locations

Within an Umbraco 8 site you should find your uSync files in the uSync/v8 folder at the root of your site. for Umbraco 9 these files are in teh root of the project (and the default is uSync/v9).


  1. Copy the uSync folder from the root of your Umbraco 8 site to the root of your Umbraco 9 project (not the wwwroot folder).
  2. rename the v8 folder withing the uSync folder v9
  3. Run a uSync Import !

Migrating Media

If you want to import media items you should also copy the media folder contents between your v8 and v9 site

Templates and Views

If you follow the steps above uSync will import almost everything in one go. because you don't have any views it will struggle to create the templates, so you might see some issues - but everything else will import.

if you want you can copy the views from your existing site in the the views folder of the new .netCore site.

this will allow uSync to perform a full sync, but it is highly likely that the front end for your website will not render as you will need to update the code in the .cshtml files to work with the .netCore version of Umbraco.

Possible migration Issues

While the uSync files are the same between v8 and v9. Not everything might work you might see issues with:

Missing 3rd party property editors

If you have packages that are not yet available for umbraco 9 then uSync might struggle to import those properties.

Incompatible code

all of your own custom code and razor files (.cshtml) - will need to be reviewed, some namespaces and code has changed between Umbraco v8 and Umbraco v9 - and this is something you will need to look at.