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Content/Media Paths

Include/Exclude Paths

Starting with uSync.ContentEdition v8.4 you can now add setting So that the content and/or media handlers will only import or export content based on the path of the content.

<Handler Alias="contentHandler" Enabled="true">
    <Add Key="Include" Value="/Homepage,/settings" />
    <Add Key="Exclude" Value="/Homepage/Blog" />
    <Add Key="RulesOnExport" Value="true" />


By default rules will only be checked on import, to check rules on both import and export make sure you have the RulesOnExport value set to true.

Path Values

The paths are compared to the Path value in each content item .config file. this path will have been made file save (so will have things like apostrophes removed) - you should check what the .config files say when setting up these values.