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Server Config

Withing the uSync.Publish.config file the servers section defines what servers this umbraco instance is aware of and what it can do when sending or pulling content from that Umbraco Instance.

    <server alias="development" url="http://localhost:64741/umbraco" enabled="true" showSelf="true">
      <description>Development Server</description>
      <icon>icon-lab color-deep-purple</icon>
    <server alias="stage" url="https://localhost:44363/umbraco" enabled="true" showSelf="false">
      <description>Staging Site</description>
      <message>This is our staging server</message>
      <icon>icon-server color-orange</icon>
        <server pull="true" push="true">development</server>
        <server pull="true" push="true">stage</server>
        <server pull="true" push="false">live</server>
Property Value Note
alias string Name shown to user when selecting
url string url of server in form https://server.url/umbraco
description string short description shown to user
baseUrl string URL server gets response on. see baseUrl
icon string Icon shown when selecting
groups string list of user groups who can see this server
showSelf true/false should the server be displayed if the user is on the said server (should only ever true if you are debugging)
message string short message that is shown to editors when they select this server.

Alongside the main settings any of the Sync Settings from the main config file may be included in a server, meaning you can have different options for different servers.

Network Mode

v8.6+: This feature requires uSync.Complete 8.6 or greater

When in network mode the allowedServers setting allows you to specify what servers can and can't be sent to while the user is on each server

        <server pull="true" push="true">development</server>
        <server pull="true" push="true">stage</server>
        <server pull="true" push="false">live</server>

N.B the main config setting <NetworkMode> needs to be set to true for these settings to take effect

For each server in the servers section you can specify what servers can be 'pushed' to or 'pulled' from. this means you can have the config for all servers in a single uSync.Publish.config file which can then be shared between servers.


AllowedServers controls the UI but it does not impose security restrictions on the API, you should still follow the steps in the security section of this help