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2. Share Api Keys

To ensure messages are authentic, uSync.Publisher signs all communication between Umbraco instances using a shared API Id and Key

Before you can successfully send anything between sites you will need to make sure all sites have a shared API Id and Key setup in their configuration files.

When you start up uSync.Publisher for the first time it will create a random appId and AppKey in the uSync.Publish.config file. You should copy these keys to all other instances you want to be able to communicate with.

Example Key/Id

  <!-- Restart the Application after changing these values! -->

Per Server Keys,

By default uSync.Publisher will use the appId and appKey values in the root of the configuration settings, but for extra security you can set these values for each individual server.

setting the values in the <server> section of the config will make uSync.Publisher use those values for outgoing communication.

all incoming communication will use the values in the root settings node, so the appId and appKey in a server's section must match the values that the server has in it's root section.