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4. Publish content

Once you have setup your server connections, you can push content between servers.

1. Select Publish To

To push content, select the root node you wish to push from, right click and select Publish To... from the menu.


2. Select Server & Options

From the server selection select the server you want to send to and the options for sending content.

select target

3. Send

When you select 'send to server' you will then see the progress screen while uSync.Publisher pushes the content out


3. Review Report & Apply

Once the changes have been send, the server will send back a change report which will detail any changes.


You can review these changes, if you are happy you can choose to apply the changes on the server.

4. Complete

Once you have done, this you will once again see the progress screen while the changes are applied, and you will get a final screen showing you the changes you have made.


Once complete you will now be able to view the content on the target site.