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3. Add Server

Before you can start to send or pull content between Umbraco installations you will need to add a server setup on the server you want to push from or pull to.

Add Server Menu

Before one site can push/pull settings to another, You will need to set up a server configuration on that server, to do this go to the uSync.Publisher pages within the settings section of Umbraco and select "Add Server"

Select add server from the menu

Select a template

You can then choose a template to use when adding a server, or choose blank. Which template you choose will depend on how you are setting up your servers and how much control you want to give your users.

Select a template

Pick Settings

There are several settings you can enable for a sever, the exact details of each one is detailed in the documentation.

Option Flags

For each option there are two toggles, these determine the default state of an option and if the user can turn the setting on or off at publish time.


Which options you let your users choose it up to you, the simpler the better!

Note: Include Ancestors and Include Linked can result in a large amount of content or media being synced, they are best left to their default values unless you know you will need to include everything in each publish.

Sync API Keys

Before you can send/receive any settings the server will need to be sharing keys. You should check you have setup shared keys between the servers

Check Access

Once you have set up the server, you can check if access is correctly setup by clicking the 'check access' button

check access

The Check Access button will give you the following responses:

Response Possible Cause
Available Everything is working
Unauthorized The AppId/AppKey used is incorrect
Unreachable The server cannot be contacted (could be off)
Disabled the target server is not enabled (check its settings)
ServerError The is something wrong with the target server