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Network mode

v8.6+: This feature requires uSync.Complete 8.6 or greater

What is network mode

Network mode offers a different way of configuring uSync.Publisher so that you can share a single config file between all Umbraco instances.

In the 'normal' setup mode, which servers you can see is dictated by each server's enabled / pullEnabled setting in the config file. This means if you want to have different servers visible on each instance these values have to be diffident in the config files.

In Network mode uSync.Publisher uses the AllowedServers setting inside each server config to determine what servers are available in each instance, this means you can share the config file between servers.

Turning on Network Mode

To use network mode you have to first switch the uSync.Publisher config. this can be done via the UI by selecting the 'Use network mode' toggle on the main uSync.Publisher page.

Switching to network mode

uSync.Publish.Config setting

You can also set <networkMode>True</networkMode> in the uSync.Publish.Config file, although this will require a site restart

Adding servers to network mode

For each server in your setup you will need to add servers that can be seen while on that server.

Adding Connected servers

uSync.Publisher calculates the current server a user is on based on the Url of the request, as such all sites that you want to send from/to need to be included in the config to use network mode.

uSync.Publish.Config setting

These settings are stored in the allowedServers section for each server, you can update these values directly in the config,

Controlling who can see what servers

What servers are shown to a user is still controlled via User Groups setting on each server (same as for 'normal' mode).

user groups

A user has to be in these groups for a server to be presented to them as part of the picker lists.


Connected Servers is a UI setting not a security one - when a server is removed from the list that doesn't mean communication to the server from the selected source is disabled, to do that you should consult the security section of this site.