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uSync Exporter provides a dashboard and context menu items that let you build your own 'SyncPack' exports, contains just the elements you desire to move items between Umbraco Instances

Exporter Dashboard


There are several options you are presented with when creating an export.


When you include an item in an export via Exporter you will be presented with the option to include dependencies.

When you do this Exporter will calculate the items and settings required to fully import something to another Umbraco installation. these will include doctypes, datatypes, templates, and any other elements needed.

Include Media Files

If selected the export will also include any physical media required to import a media item.

if not selected you will still get the Umbraco media item synced but the physical image or file will not be included.

Exlucde/Include Templates

if you include templates the Export will include all the view,CSS, and script files from the site. on an import these will be compared with those of the target site, and only changes will be made when files are different.

Include Linked Items

Including linked items means the export will include any other content pages that are linked to from the pages requested. this can result in a large number of pages being synced but ensures that all links within content will be maintained between sites.