Safe media names

v8.10+: This feature requires uSync.Complete 8.10 or greater

When creating sync-packs or sending media between servers, uSync.Complete will store files in a temporary folder based on your Umbraco LocalTemp Settings.

While the names for the media/config files can be based on the key/guid of the items. Actual media file names will remain as they are inside Umbraco. In some circumstances this can result in issues where path names exceed the MAX_PATH limit - this can result in a Path not found or Path to long error

Starting with uSync.Complete v8.10 - you can instruct uSync to generate a 'safe' name for the media files it stores in the temp folders and within syncpack files.

Withing the uSync8.config file :

    <!-- .... other settings -->
    <!-- .... other settings -->


The default behavior in uSync.Complete 8.10 is false, so you will need to turn this on for the safe file names to be used.

In future versions of uSync.Complete we intend to turn this feature on by default.