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uSync Init

Initializes Umbraco

uSync init [username password] <options>

The Init command will setup the Umbraco database, and if you supply a username and password to it, set the super user account username and passwords.


The username and password are for the Umbraco superuser, not the database connection - that should be specified in the web.config umbracoDbDSN setting.

Setup Scenarios

There are a few scenarios which uSync init will work for.

Empty Web.Config DNS/ConfigurationStatus

If you have installed Umbraco and not do anything then the web.config umbracoDbDSN and ConfigurationStatus values will be blank.

If you supply uSync init with the optional -sqlce command it will create a sqlce database file called umbraco.sdf in the app_data folder (just like Umbraco does)

Configured but missing the DB

If the web.config contains values in umbracoDbDSN and ConfigurationStatus but the database is either missing or not yet configured, uSync init will prep the database (creating the file if it's SQLCE) and set up the database.