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Missing target warning

While sending content to translate you may see a warning message.

Missing targets

Cannot calculate where target content should go for some languages.


Missing targets

There are no valid target locations of this content in any other language.

This warning appearers when Translation Manager has checked the currently selected node to see where the target content should go for each language, and it has not found the target for all or some of the languages.


When translation manager creates Translation jobs it needs to know where the translated content will be saved in Umbraco.

The relationship between the master site and the target language sites is mainted by "relations" within Umbraco. The relations tell Translation manager where the content will go for a language.

When creating a job, Translation manager checks these relations for each possible language, if some or all of those relations are missing the warning message is displayed.


When the relations are missing they will need to be recreated - often by hand.

Our Linked Pages Umbraco package allows you to see and recreate these links.

You should only need to create the link at the parent level to the node that is causing you issues Translation manager will create any child relations as necessary when the translation job is created.

Disable the warning

When this warning shows it is highly likely that any subsequent attempt to create a translation job for the disabled languages will fail.

but you can disable this link check by adding the following to the translations.config file.

<Translations checkTargets="false" ... >
   <!-- other settings -->