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Licence is not for this domain

If you have a valid licence but it does not cover the domain that Umbraco is running on you might see the following message :

Warning banner

This licence entered in this site is valid but not for this domain

This is because Translation Manager checks the licence key and the domain the request are made on, if the domain is not in the list of valid domains for a licence this message is shown.

Licence Settings page

On the licence page (settings->Translation Manager) You should see a message with more information:

You licence is valid, but it is not for the current domain

Your licence will work for the specified domain and subdomains (e.g., but it will not work for other domains with the same ending (e.g.

This might be because the the underling domain the server is on, is not listed in the licenced domains.

This licence check was performed against [YOUR_HOSTNAME_HERE] If this host is not listed in your domains then contact us and if this is part of the same project we should be able to add the domain to the licence for you.

If you need translations for another site/project then you will need to purchase a new domain licence for that site.


While in this mode, Translation Manager will behave as if it is unlicensed, and only allow you to send content to one language.


If the domain is part of the project then we should be able to add it to the existing licence information and send you a new key.

Email us with the details and we will add the key.

If the site is part of a different project then you will need to purchase an additional translation manager licence. Licencees are per project/client and are not transferable.