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Translation Value Mappers are used as an interface between Umbraco and Translation Manager, when a translation is created they extract the content from the Umbraco property. and then when the translation is complete they are used to put the content back into Umbraco.

Built-in providers

The following providers are included by default:

  • TextMapper (TextString, TextAreas, RichText)
  • GridMapper
  • Inline Macros (macros inside RichText)
  • Macros (grid and standalone)
  • Archetype
  • Nested Content
  • Stacked Content
  • RJP Multi URL Picker
  • Related Links
  • DocTypeGridEditor
  • LeBlender
  • Vorto
  • Custom Mapper (extendable via config)

These built-in mappers should cover the majority of your content needs, but should you have custom property editors or editors not covered by these mappers you can either configure the Custom Mapper to read your values or Implement your own value mapper.

Custom Mapper Config