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Version: v8.x - Umbraco 8

Check Translation Jobs


By default, Translation Manager will check for returned translations in the background at regular intervals, but this page explains how to check manually.

You can view the progress of jobs in the Translation section of Umbraco.

Submitted Jobs

Jobs that you have created will go into the Submitted area in the Translation section.

Within Submitted you can check jobs grouped by language or individually.

Submitted jobs

To look at the details of a job, click on it in the list. When you are viewing that job's page you can click the Check button, and it will check to see whether the job has been returned by translators.

Check button


Depending on your translation connector, this process may happen automatically, or you may need to upload a file of translated content.

Received Jobs

When a job has been received from translation it will move from Submitted to Received.

List of received jobs

When a job has been received you can click on the job in the list and select View on any content node to see the returned translations.

View the translated content

You can review the contents of your job, and when you are happy with your translation, click Close to return to the list and approve it. This will put the content back into your Umbraco site.