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Version: v9.x - Umbraco 9



For Umbraco v.9 all configuration lives in the appsettings.config file.

The majority of these settings will have default values that do not need to be changed.

"uSync": {
"Settings": {
"RootFolder": "uSync/v9/",
"DefaultSet": "Default",
"ImportAtStartup": "None",
"ExportAtStartup": "None",
"ExportOnSave": "All",
"UiEnabledGroups": "All",
"ReportDebug": false,
"AddOnPing": true,
"FailOnMissingParent": false,
"CacheFolderKeys": true,
"ShowVersionCheckWarning": true,
"CustomMappings": {},
"EnableHistory": true
"Sets": {
"Default": {
"Enabled": true,
"HandlerGroups": [],
"DisabledHandlers": [],
"HandlerDefaults": {
"Enabled": true,
"Actions": [],
"UseFlatStructure": true,
"GuidNames": false,
"FailOnMissingParent": false,
"Group": "",
"Settings": {}
"Handlers": {}


RootFolderPath to folder"uSync/v9"Location in which uSync will save and read the exported files.
Default SetDefaultDefaultName of the handler set to use by default.
ImportAtStartupGroupNoneHandler groups used when importing items at startup.
ExportAtStartupGroupNoneHandler groups used when exporting items at startup.
ExportOnSaveGroupAllHandler groups whose items will be exported when changes are saved in Umbraco.
UiEnabledGroupsGroupAllHandler groups that show in the uSync dashboard.
ReportDebugTrue/falseFalseCreate a report while producing an export (debugging only).
AddOnPingTrue/falseTruePing the website to check for addons and updates.
FailOnMissingParentTrue/FalseFalseShould an import fail if the parent of an item is missing.
CacheFolderKeysTrue/falseFalseuse a cache for the names and keys of folders during import, this increases import speeds.
ShowVersionCheckWarningTrue/falseTrueDisplay the warning box if the current import is from an older version of uSync.
CustomMappings{}{}Custom item mappings for 3rd party or custom property editors.
EnableHistoryTrue/falseTrueEnable viewing the import and export history in the uSync dashboard.


EnabledTrue/falseTrueTurn on the handler set.
HandlerGroupsList of groups[]List of handler groups to include in this set.
DisabledHandlersList of handlers[]List of handlers to disable for this set.


Default settings for the handler, these values can be overridden for individual handlers.

EnabledTrue/falseTrueEnable or disable the handler.
ActionsList of actions[]List of actions for which the handler is valid.
UseFlatStructureTrue/falseTrueUse a flat file structure for the file produced by the handler.
GuidNamesTrue/falseFalseShould uSync use the guid of an item as its file name. This ensures there are no clashes in names, but makes it harder to manually read what settings are in a folder.
FailOnMissingParentTrue/falseFalseShould an import fail if the parent of an item is missing.
Group""""Override the group used for a handler.
Settings{}{}Specific settings for each handler, this will override the defaults.

For Handler Settings, see the Handler Docs.