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Version: v9.x - Umbraco 9


uSync.Snapshots provides you with the ability you take point-in-time snapshots of your Umbraco installation. This means you can track what has changed based on your timescales and feature development.

Snapshots Dashboard

Snapshots Config

Snapshots config allows you to change some basic settings of Snapshots by updating the appsettings.json file.

"uSync": {
"DefaultFolders": "~/views,~/wwwroot/css,~/wwwroot/scripts",
"DisableImport": false,
"HandlerSet": "Default",
DisableImportFalseWill stop all reports/importing of snapshots on this server.
DefaultFolders"views,css,scripts"List of folders to include when creating a sync pack. Unlike Export, these values are not additional to the default but will replace them completely.
HandlerSetDefaultDefault used handler set.