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Version: v9.x - Umbraco 9

Global Settings


In Umbraco v.9 you cannot edit these settings directly via the backoffice, you must update these settings in the AppSetting.json file

These are settings that can be set globally for all translations.

These are found in Settings -> Translation Manager.

Global settings


Translate on SaveSaves the changes that have been made into the Pending queue.
Background CheckPeriodically checks the status of submitted Jobs automatically.
Check PeriodThe number specifies how often the background check occurs.
Include Empty NodesInclude nodes with no translatable text in jobs.
Batch SizeNumber of items to process in a batch (if you are experiencing timeouts, try lowering the number).
Update linksWhen content is approved, links will update to match the target site.

In Umbraco 9 the global settings are read from the appsettings.json file.


All these settings will have a default value and do not need set within the appsettings file, unless you are overriding the default setting.

"Translation": {
"backgroundCheck": true,
"checkPeriod": 180,
"autoTranslate": true,
"includeEmpty": false,
"batchSize": 25,
"showHistory": true,
"fixup": false,
"returnToPending": false,
"links": {
"updatePicked": false,
"updateInline": false
"notify": {
"pending": "",
"approved": "",
"submitted": "",
"received": ""
"tagSettings": {
"tags": "img,a",
"attributes": "title,alt"